Branchenbuch Düsseldorf

Regus - Dusseldorf, Königsallee 92a  

Straße / Nr.: Königsallee 92a
Telefon: 0211 54039500
Fax: 0211 54039520
Stammkapital: 25000 EUR
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Regus is a world leader in global office provision. We have built an unparalleled network of office space, coworking areas, meeting rooms and virtual offices in over 4000 locations worldwide. Our professional workspaces enable corporations, small businesses and freelancers to operate anywhere, with no upfront costs and without the need for capital investment. Join over 2.5 million Regus customers, including the likes of Amazon, Uber and Linkedin who have taken the opportunity to outsource their office management, removing the hassle, the costs and the restrictions associated with a traditional office. Contact Regus today to book a tour and view our wide range of affordable office solutions.

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Office Space, Meeting Room, Co-working